Update 8/12/2022
Added some text to technical difficulties section. Removed technical difficulties section as there are no more technical difficulties. Minor edits to Ryva Facts page because I don't actually feel like updating anymore.

Update 8/11/2022
Styled comment box textarea. Updated yesterday's update log entry.

Update 8/10/2022
New To-Do list item. Styled comment box send button. Added technical difficulties section...

Update 8/5/2022
Added Toothworm Factory button to mutuals section.

Update 8/4/2022
Styled all elements and scrollbar in Ryva Facts theme. New To-Do list item. Replaced image buttons with CSS ones.

Update 8/3/2022
Styled scrollbars (only in Firefox, get fucked chrome users). Made the main page a little more mature. Added pool.svg to the bottom of the main box to fill some space until I think of something to put there. Miscellaneous minor changes and fixes to theme. Added new main page To-Do list item.

Update 8/2/2022
Properly styled horizontal rule element. Added countries section to Ryva Facts page, and put in subsections for all the currently established countries. Filled out Seicreth Alliance section.

Update 8/1/2022
Added magical energy and ritual magic sections to Ryva Facts page. Fixed a few spacing issues and did some minor reorganization and restyling on the Ryva Facts page.

Update 6/15/2022
Added Discord embeds to all pages.

Update 6/10/2022
Minor edits to main page To-Do list. Additions to magic section of Ryva Facts page.

Update 5/26/2022
Made the writer and lazy userboxes not blurry. Made update log into its own HTML file. Put update log into iframe. Moved updates below the comment box. Minor edits to the text of the Ryva Facts page. Added image descriptions to Ryva Facts diagrams. Added link to THE MEME ZONE at bottom of Ryva Facts page.

Update 5/22/2022
Added this sidebar, added Niacnamae's button and mutuals section. Added comment box. Resized the userboxes to all be the same height.